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Empowering data for you

Incept brings people, processes, and technology together to operationalize data governance for your business.

Incept is a US-based practice of strategists, architects, engineers, developers and analysts, trained in the latest Data Governance technologies, frameworks and methods.

We’ve seen data leaders struggle to get their data governance programmes off the ground due to delays in duelling out frameworks and technology platforms. We saw this across healthcare, financial services, retail, and the problem most often was that they lacked the in-house resources required to up-scale and deliver all the technical and process elements needed for a fully operationalized data governance road map.

We decided to address this situation and invested heavily in finding the right resources. We went on to train them in these technologies and got them certified and we continue to make sure that their skills stay current.

we do

We translate your vision for data governance into an operational platform

Identify the potential use cases, choose the most suitable tools, and overcome the complexity of Data Governance implementation.

We ensure operational success at every stage of your data governance journey.


We focus on your problem to come up with a precise solution.

We acknowledge that you may need a small boat instead of a cruise ship and deploy the resources accordingly.

Our varied experience with clients hailing from many different verticals has turned us into hardened problem solvers. Let's talk once.

We'd love to share our experience of overcoming
challenges and creating value through
DG implementation.

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